Sustainable Strand

How can we be more sustainable as we create the new communities we are building?

This question is often at the centre of the Strand Teams minds when we are designing our developments, with Sustainability being part of our companies ‘Core Purpose’.

So what are we doing that helps to promote sustainability and makes our developments stand out as being progressive?


Bringing 'Green Energy' to our homes

In 2022 we made the decision to bring ‘Green Energy’ to our new homes. Not only does this help our environment but it also has financial gains for our customers.  What are we offering:


Biodiversity on our sites is something we feel strongly about and we aim to grow and create better habitiats for native species of wildlife.

We partner with Landscape Architects who not only want to create gardens and communal areas that are visually attractive but also plants and trees that help our ecosystems, encourage wildlife, support habitats and create new ones.

What we do differently:

How we are committing to this: 

We are members of All Ireland Pollinator Plan which means we have agreed to take action to protect and promote pollinators.  

Things to come: